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Cash for Caulkers

Cash For Caulkers

Cash For Caulkers

Ya! Now you get paid as much as $12,000 with Obama’s latest Cash for Caulkers plan. “Cash for Caulkers” proposal will come as a real joy for homeowners who can reimburse 50% of the cost of equipment and installation, up to $12,000, when they install energy-efficient appliances and insulation. Looks like $12,000 is the upper limit, the maximum a homeowner can benefit from “Cash for Caulkers”.

So, if you want to Green, now is the time to do it cheap!

“Cash for Caulkers” is the latest job and economic stimulus plan under the Obama administration. The program will distribute money for home weatherization and the overall plan expands on The Recovery Act, passed earlier this year.

Other parts of the new plan include money for companies in the renewable energy and energy-efficient sectors, which will build on The Recovery Act and create new jobs. In addition, this new plan will help small businesses expand investment, hire workers and access credit.

The Recovery Act allowed for a 75 percent exclusion from capital gains taxes on small business investments. The new Cash for Caulkers proposal calls for a one-year elimination of the tax entirely. The plan also includes a tax cut for small businesses, in hopes of encouraging them to hire new workers in 2010.

Elimination of fees and additional guarantees for small businesses that borrow through major Small Business Administration programs in 2010 are also elements to the proposal plan.

Tax credits for home efficiency have been offered in the past, but haven’t been widely utilized. Cash for Caulkers should dramatically increase energy efficiency efforts of the average American.


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