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Claudette Strom Forms Near Florida

Tropical Storm Claudette

Tropical Storm Claudette

Looks like a big week for Storms. Claudette Storm is the 3rd storm to be named this week.  I love named Storms, “Hey look Ana is coming our way!” LoL. Too bad they will all die soon. We need an organization to save and protect Storms and their Rights!

Tropical Storm Claudette has formed off the northern Gulf Coast of Fla. with winds of 40 mph.

The storm, with wind speeds of 40 miles per hour, is expected to make landfall late Sunday on the Florida Panhandle. 

For the latest tracking information, visit WWL’s Hurricane Central web page by clicking the following link: www.wwlhurricanecentral.com/

Residents along the Florida Panhandle were urged by officials to to prepare for the storm that popped up early Sunday with batteries, flashlights and water.

Rainfall of 3 to 5 inches was expected, with some isolated areas to get up to 10 inches.

Tropical Storms Ana and Bob continue to churn in the open Atlantic.

Forecasters say Ana will likely lose strength as she moves westward over land masses in the Caribbean.

However, Bill is expected to strengthen, and may become a hurricane in the next day or two.

Source : http://www.wwl.com/Tropical-Storm-Claudette-forms-near-Florida/5015563

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