Sunday , 21 April 2019
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Missing Money to be probed by Michigan Police

Its a shocker to start with. A huge amount of money is just missing .  And to the top of it , the money which is  missing is not from  bar or club or shop. Its missing from the property room of the  police department itself.

According to a press statement, “The Michigan State Police began an audit of some possible discrepancies into monies received by the Muskegon Heights Police Department. As a result of the ongoing audit, detectives believe that monies are missing from the property room of the police department.” Besides the press statement, the Michigan state officials declined to divulge any more information, as their investigation is still on.

I Definitely think there must have been  some serious plotting  to carry out such plans under the nose of the  police department itself!!!

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  • max

    LOL, its probably one of those f* cops or just whole lot.