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Texts From Hillary – Is Hillary Running the World ?

The popular tumblr blog Text From Hillary has gone viral, thanks to Yahoo News. Yahoo News believes that Text From Hillary’s latest pic is the best political mime of the year!

Texts From Hillary is the brainchild of Stacy Lambe and Adam Smith, both communications professionals in Washington, D.C. The Tumblr features the sunglasses-adorned secretary of state using her Blackberry paired with various politicians also on their phones, along with imagined texts being exchanged.

Lambe and Smith dreamed up the site over drinks Wednesday night after watching the photos bounce around social networks that day. “We quickly decided it should be turned into a meme (that the two of us would have a laugh about),” Lambe told Yahoo News over email. “The site is meant to be a compliment to Hillary. Hopefully, everyone gets that.”

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