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Who was Jessica Dubroff?

Abby Sunderland incident has made people to search for Jessica Dubroff. Who was jessica Dubroff and why she is so remembered?

Jessica Dubroff was a 7-year-old pilot trainee who died attempting to become the youngest person to fly an airplane across the United States.

Jessica Dubroff general avaition aircraft, flown by her flight instructor, crashed after taking off from Cheyenne Regional Airport in Cheyenne, Wyoming and killing everyone abord – Jessica Dubroff, her father and her flight instructor.

I Dont understand why people are think that Abby sunderland will not reach back. I am positive that the girl who took the brave decision to travel Indian Ocean will return back to shores!!!

Please dont think or spread rumors that she is gone. Because she is not death and thats a period!!!

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