Thursday , 12 December 2019
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VPN Banned in Pakistan!

Pakistan has banned the VPN which is a term for Private Internet Browsing. The Country has further ordered all the ISPs in the country to prevent internet users from using technology that would allow them to privately browse the internet.

According to a report in the Times of India , A PTA spokesman said that the directive was intended only to stop militants from using secure Internet connections to communicate with each other, but admitted that this could only be done by preventing all Internet users in Pakistan from using virtual private networks ( VPNs), The Express Tribune reports.

However, it turns out that VPN services (secured internet access) cannot be singled out. Hence, it cannot be just a partial blockage, but a complete one. It has also been noticed that the PTA, apart from the VPN block has been blocking several websites, too.

Turns out that the Rolling Stone website has been blocked in Pakistan, since the ISP could not deactivate a single URL.

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