Monday , 18 October 2021
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How to follow Rajinikanth at Twitter?


How to follow Indian Superstar Rajnikanth at Twitter, might have been a million dollar question for his fans worldwide, but the latest celebrity to join Twitter  shocked them all. Superstar Rajnikanth took everybody by storm when he finally joined the Twitter last week. Ironically, Rajnikanth’s late entry to twitter, only proves his famous movie dialogue, “Dude, Nobody knows When or ... Read More »

Extreme Rules 2014 Results


Extreme Rules 2014 has been concluded and we do have surprise winners. WWE is all set to embrace the new era with the lights of Daniel Bryan, Bray Wyatt and of course the halls of justice “The Shield” taking over the pillars and old guns Kane, Triple H, John Cena and Randy Orton. Extreme Rules Results: Cesaro def. Rob Van ... Read More »

Walking helps in Creative Thinking!


Walking for 30 mins can improve not only our fitness but also our creative thinking as per the new research by Stanford University’s Graduate School of Education, United States. The Researchers conducted the study among students whose responses confirmed the person who walked gave more creative response than  compared to sitting. The researchers explain their decision to focus on walking, ... Read More »

Facebook puts People first, introduces tools to secure user privacy!


Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg took a bold move when he made a critical announcement in F8 developers conference held at San Francisco that would eventually turn around people’s faith in favour of Facebook . Since Facebook’s origin, millions of Facebook users have been critical of how Facebook handled their privacy information when it comes to sharing their private data to the third party apps ... Read More »