Monday , 24 January 2022
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Apple Has Ordered 70-80 Million iPhones!


Apple might just have made it’s biggest iPhone order just before the launch of its new iPhone. The Wall Street Journal has reported that Apple has placed an order somewhere between 70 to 80 million units and the order is split up between two models, the 4.7-inch and the 5.5 inch. If this is true this could be Apple’s biggest ... Read More »

Netflix Doubles Profit With 50 Million Subscribers


Netflix which was once in troubled waters has made a comeback, it has reported its second quarter earning today and it has nearly doubled its earning this quarter compared to the same it reported last year. The most interesting number in its report is its subscribers, which has reached 50 million of which roughly 2 million are free trail accounts, ... Read More »

Facebook Introduces ‘Save’ Feature


Facebook has announced the much-awaited ‘Save’ feature. With this new feature you can save anything you like in Facebook from links, posts, movies to places which you can check back at a later time. Well it is about time Facebook come up with this feature especially since a lot of us have much difficulty in finding something we liked which ... Read More »

Original Rickroll Video Removed From YouTube!


The original Rickroll video has been removed from YouTube. It had almost 70 million views after it was first uploaded some seven years back and had been used to Rickroll, you guessed it some 70 million times. There is no information on why the video was removed. But the Vevo version is still up. Guess the Copyright devil kicked-in. For ... Read More »