Friday , 22 October 2021
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Jennifer Hudson’s Brother-in-law Guilty of 3 Murders

Jennifer Hudson‘s former brother-in-law William Balfour has been convicted of murdering her Jennifer Hudson’s mom, brother and 7-year-old nephew. As Academy Award-winning actress Jennifer Hudson stood in the silent courtroom Friday, shifting nervously from foot to foot, stardom and celebrity seemed worlds away. For all the attention, awards and accolades, Hudson in that moment was a grieving daughter from the ... Read More »

Facebook Co-Founder Drops U.S. Citizenship

Facebook made Billionaire co-founder, Eduardo Saverin, has dropped his U.S. Citizenship. The reason seems to be taxes. He will be making a lot of money when Facebook goes public later this month and the only way to reap the fruits of his effort is say goodbye to being American. If you have been following the news, Eduardo Saverin isn’t the ... Read More »

Crashed World War II Plane Found in Desert

A crashed World War II plane that belongs to Britain’s Royal Air Force (RAF) has been found in the Sahara Desert. It has been found after almost 70 years after it crash landed. Details about who flew the plane and their whereabouts is not clear. Vintage Wings, a Canadian aviation news website was the first to report about it. Jakub ... Read More »

U.S. Postal Service Loses $3.2 Billion in 2nd Quarter

The U.S. Postal Service continues to sink, on Thursday it reported a quarterly loss of $3.2 billion. The funny part is they are blaming the Congress for blocking the agency’s cost-cutting efforts to offset declining mail volume and mounting costs for future retiree health benefits. From January to March, losses were $1 billion more than during the same period last ... Read More »