Wednesday , 20 October 2021
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Facebook Going Down, Down and Down

Facebook stock recovers after 3 day lossLooks like there is no end to this. Facebook stocks continue to hit new lows everyday. We guess it could be because investors still can’t find the magic number for which Facebook is worth paying.

Shares of Facebook dropped and closed on a new low on Wednesday. It dropped nearly 2.3 percent than the previous day and closed at $28.19. It has dropped lower than the previous day for the third consecutive day.

Today through it has performed quite well (comparing to previous record) it has increased to $29.60. That is solid 5% increase.

The major reason being that investors believe that Facebook stocks are over-valued. As a matter of fact that is the truth. Facebook stocks are indeed over-valued, the highest for any company.

The over-valuation of Facebook has been back-firing on it’s stocks and it’s legendary IPO debut.


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