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Google To Buy Groupon for $2.5B

Looks like after big G is in talks to buy Groupon after ‘rumored’ talks with Yahoo failed early this year. It also seems Google interest in Groupon will kindle others like Microsoft, Amazon, or eBay to have a look at it.

Groupon to fall in the dominant hands of Google ?

Groupon to fall in the dominant hands of Google ?

Is Google adding online deals to its arsenal of acquisitions this year? According to a site called VatorNews, Google is purchasing Groupon for $2.5 billion, though All Things D’s Kara Swisher says the deal will likely be upwards of $3 billion.

VatorNews had few other details about the purchase and Google and Groupon are not talking. Swisher was actually the first to report about a possible Google-Groupon tie-up back on November 19.

At the time, talks between Google and Groupon were still ongoing, and Swisher suggested that others might also be interested, including Microsoft, Amazon, or eBay. Yahoo was rumored to be interested in Groupon earlier this year, but a deal was not reached.

Swisher also noted that Google could face regulatory scrutiny. In July, the company purchased travel software firm ITA for $700 million, a deal that is under review by regulators and has been criticized by rival travel companies.

Groupon is a discount site that offers one major deal per day (buy $50 worth of clothes for $25, for example). Earlier this month, the company launched Grouponicus, featuring online deals tailored for holiday gifting.

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