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House prices up in UK, Halifax survey reports

People buying new home

A couple resting on their new home

The latest on house reports will give the  UK house owners a big relief. A survey conducted by Halifax on the new sales of home from last 3 months to July finds out that , the house sales prices record high of 1.1% this July.

Many experts now are certain that there will be a good bye soon to recession that dazzled  the world economy last year.

Also the interest of people in booking new-house have risen upto 67%  which brings the moment of rejoice for house owners. Last few months, people were not seen buying or renting new home, which had really damaged the property owner.

The swift action by the government on reducing house interest to a record low have made the difference,many believed.

Housebuilder Taylor Wimpey also said it was seeing signs of a turnaround, with its sales rising in the first six months of the year.”There are signs that the situation is beginning to improve,” the company said.

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