Saturday , 21 May 2022
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Interest rate Back to form in Australia!!!

42-19733755The  temporary burial of Interest rate in the world  has again CAME  back to life. Is it  ridiculous, well Australian Government has come out and declared that  the  interest rate will be  increased to  3.25%  from  3%.

Australia who avoided   the Recession last year was  a lone nation to survive from the wrath of  Economy downfall when the entire  world was crying with  financial loss.

The central bank  of Australia is the first  to come out and announce the increase in  interest  since  the beginning of  2008.  Adding  if  all goes  well, then the interest  rate will be back to the normal one   5%.

Now, this is   the toughest thing to cope  up seeing there is no  jobs at all.

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