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Samsung Galaxy S III Hits 20 Million Sales!!

Samsung sells 20 million Galaxy S III smartphonesSamsung has announced that the sales of its Galaxy S III has hit a whopping 20 Million worldwide. This is just in three months!

Samsung Electronics Co. launched the flagship smartphone powered by Google’s Android operating system in Europe in late May. The release schedule was about three months ahead of new phone announcement by rivals Apple, Nokia and Motorola.

Samsung says brisk sales of the S III are helping it retain dominance in the smartphone market. Strategy Analytics says Samsung overtook Apple in worldwide smartphone shipments in 2011.

The company is embroiled in legal tussles with Apple around the world over whether Samsung’s mobile devices copied Apple products. Apple last week added the S III to the “copycat” list in its complaint filed with a U.S. court.

Though Samsung has already overthrown Apple as the leading smartphone manufacturer. Samsung is yet to eye such and impressive sales figures in a single model. Which Apple was able to do with just one model. But with these numbers, Samsung sure is heading in the right direction.

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