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Tata nano world’s cheapest car has been launched in India-A milestone achieved

Ratan Tata launching the Nano

Ratan Tata launching the Nano

“Tata nano world cheapest car launched “

The wait for the launch of the world’s cheapest car has finally been over. The car which is said to be a Middle class people ‘vehicle of the Generation’ is Launched. Ratan Tata who is the founder of Tata Nano has described the Nano as a “milestone”. Costing just 100,000 rupees ($1,979; £1,366), the Nano will now go on sale across India next month, with deliveries starting in July.

The initial plan of 100,000 car sales has been made. The people who wish to buy this car have to book it first and should be within the 100,000 people who booked for the purchase. The sales is limited folks and if your interested you need to hurry .Failing to book the car now you need to wait months for the purchase again.The Nano car is of various types the cost of car which is 100000 Rs is a standard car.The other version like Deluxe car which cost slightly higher is also available Tata visions that the Nano car which is 3 meter long will make people change their way of transport from motorcycle to Car.

“I think we are at the gates of offering a new form of transport to the people of India and later, I hope, other markets elsewhere in the world,” Mr Tata added.”I hope it will provide safe, affordable four-wheel transportation to families who till now have not been able to own a car”.

Though Ratan Tata describes that the nano car will be the least polluting car of India, Environmentalists fear that this launch of car will add to the misery of Traffic problem and pollution in already pollution India.


The four-door Nano has a 33bhp, 624cc engine at the rear. The basic model has no airbags, air conditioning, radio, or power steering. However, more luxurious versions will be available. If the product is a success,it is said that Tata will find it tough to meet the demand.

The reason for this is the Nano project plan which can produce over 250,000 car in Gujarat is not yet opened and is scheduled to open next year. And the current plan can produce only 50000 car.Furthurmore, Ratan Tata faced many challenges in the constructing of Nano project.The problem at West Bengal was very toughest. Tata wasclaimed to have taken Farmers Land and the local politician was making this a Issue and it took nearly six months for talks ..An after the failure of the talks did the plan was shifted to Gujarat.

The profit for this Nano car cannot be achieved for nearly 6 years, analystics predict.

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