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McDonald’s Shrek glass recall

McDonald’s is recalling 12 million “Shrek” glass cups because the paint on them contains cadmium, a toxic metal. If you bought any (they were sold for $2 apiece, according to this report), they should be returned to McDonald’s for a refund. In the meantime, the story says, please keep them away from your children. You can find the original report ... Read More »

Hewlett-Packard to cut 9K jobs in services unit

Hewlett Packard popularly known as HP has decided to cut 9000 employees that provides technology services to other businesses as the company is looking to consolidate its commercial data center. HP said the job cuts will result from productivity gains and automation in the data centers, which are clusters of computers that HP’s business customers tap into to store data, ... Read More »

Google loses the Canadian Groovle case

Been a sad 2009 year for google. Not only it faced advertisers downfall and rivals uprising but also the imitation of  its own domain name. A Canadian small business company named 207 media, has open a domain in the name of for serving the  goal of search engine purpose. Well, if your thinking that its a new search engine, ... Read More »

Google Trying to Buy Yelp

Looks like Google is looking forward to close the deal by the end of this year. In case you are wondering what Yelp is. Yelp is a local search that also reviews all kinds of businesses from restaurants to spas, pretty much everything. Google is reportedly brokering a deal to buy local search and review property Yelp for $500 million.The ... Read More »