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Misjudged Counseling can do more harm than good warns a study


A new study has revealed that poor quality or misjudged counseling therapy can leave vulnerable people more depressed than when they first asked for help. Prof Glenys Parry, chief investigator of the government-funded AdEPT (Adverse Effects of Psychological Therapies) study said that therapy does help most people but something that has got the transformative power to change your life, has ... Read More »

E-Mails Now Part of DARK SOCIAL!


Gone are days of Yahoo email chains that are forwarded for months. These days if you use an email to share links or any information with your friends, you belong to the DARK SOCIAL. Until a few years back email was THE way to communicate in the internet and we used to share links and information that we find interesting ... Read More »

Google Zeitgeist 2013


Google has released its end of the year zeitgeist video. The video pretty much sums up the most important events according to Google in the year 2013. Events such as “the royal baby”, “Typhoon Haiyan” and “Boston Marathon” have taken the spotlight. There are quite a other few surprises. Nevertheless 2013 was a wonderful year though it had quite a ... Read More »

2014 Calendar Printable


The year 2014 is almost here and it is time we prep out our schedule. We got the you printable version of 2014 calendar! Click on them to get the full image, the CTRL+P to print. Keywords: 2014 printable calendar, printable calendar 2014, calendar printable 2014. Read More »