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Stress Levels on the Rise Since 1983

A new study suggests that the stress levels have been on continuous rise since 1983. The results, stress levels are up 18% in women and 24% in men over the past 25 years. Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University have published this findings in a report in the Journal of Applied Psychology’s June issue. Scientists looked at telephone survey data collected ... Read More »

Inexpensive Jewelry to Embellish Yourself

Beads have always been an inexpensive jewelry. When you can’t afford for gold or diamond a simple chain of beads will do that job. Of course you can always mix them, making it more attractive. We know what you are thinking, beads are stone-age  jewelery (well they really are). But modern times has transformed beads they are available in numerous ... Read More »

5 Scary Facts About Dreams

We all have dreams some remember more of it, some just don’t remember much of it. But the fact is everyone has dreams. But why do some people have more nightmares then others ? Why do some people most often have pleasant dreams ? Is it because they only remember those dream ? Even when you hit the bed and ... Read More »

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s day is around the corner and as you scramble to meet your mom you have no idea what gift you should get her. We are here to help you out Tech Stuffs : 1. Satellite TV : Whether your Mom’s Day gift recipient works outside or inside the home, when she wants to catch up on the news or ... Read More »

Must SEE Cute Photos of Girls By Dad

When wedding photographer Jason Lee couldn’t take his daughters to see his mom when she was diagnosed with cancer decided to take at least some photos with him. But trust me, these photos will make you smile and laugh every time you see them Jason Lee sure does have a secret talent. These photos are extremely cute and creative and ... Read More »