Monday , 18 October 2021
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Zynga in Trouble?

The once shining new company with bright future ahead has entered into a very tough phase. Zynga the people behind our secret-gaming passion for Farmville, Mafia Wars etc., isn’t really doing well. With the continued decline of players and earnings, investors aren’t really interested in playing with Zynga. With investors turning their back towards Zynga the struggling company is finding ... Read More »

Microsoft reports first ever loss!

Microsoft the warlord of computers has reported it’s first ever loss in 26 years! This has come as a real shocker. Microsoft has literally designed and developed the way we use computers today, Microsoft has made sure everyone had access to the awesome power of computers. But Microsoft has been struggling to survive in the every changing world of technology. ... Read More »

Apple to launch smaller tablets?

With all the competition in the tablet market, rumors are rift that Apple might introduce a smaller tablet PC for the general market. But will Steve Jobs soul rest in peace after that? Steve Jobs for one never agreed for a smaller tablet PC. He believed that smaller tablet PC destroyed dual purpose of tablets rendering them useless. With Amazon’s ... Read More »

Opossum Immunity to Poisons to Help Humans?

Scientists have started to do some really extensive research on how they could understand and rebuilt the way opossum have managed to stay immune to poisons. Opossums are known to be immune to all forms of poison, including everything from snakebites to ricin. Well, it is time we know their secrets so we can protect ourselves. The Journal of Venomous ... Read More »

Google Reveals Nexus 7 Tablet

Google has officially unveiled the details and pricing information about its landmark Nexus 7 tablet PC in Google I/O conference in San Fransisco. To start off, the specs of the tablet PC were leaked even before the launch and so were the pricing info. So, basically Google just went on record and confirmed all the rumors. Here’s a quick look ... Read More »