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Facebook puts People first, introduces tools to secure user privacy!


Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg took a bold move when he made a critical announcement in F8 developers conference held at San Francisco that would eventually turn around people’s faith in favour of Facebook . Since Facebook’s origin, millions of Facebook users have been critical of how Facebook handled their privacy information when it comes to sharing their private data to the third party apps ... Read More »

How to protect yourself from Tornadoes?


Tornadoes can be devastating acts of nature. These  thunderstorms can reach winds of 300 miles per hour, and can devastate neighborhoods and towns in minutes. FEMA, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, says the peak tornado months are March through May in the southern states and from late spring through early summer in the North. How to prepare yourself when a tornado warning ... Read More »

NASA WISE finds Coldest Ever Brown Dwarf Star


In a rare feat, NASA’s WISE has dug out coldest ever brown dwarf known to mankind located at the distance of 7.2 Light years away from our Earth, making it the fourth nearest system to our star. NASA’s Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE), which is used to scan out the skies for any new Planets and Stars, stumbled upon a “brown ... Read More »

iOS FB Messenger Gets Video Sharing!


Facebook has updated the iOS version of its Messnger app. The new Facebook Messenger 5.0 for iOS has a lot of improvements and new features. You can download the new version directly from Apple’s App Store. The highlights of this flashy new version is that they have included video sharing. Facebook has also improved the search functionality and has implemented ... Read More »