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FIFA World Cup 2014 match schedule

FIFA FootBall World Cup 2014 Group Stages Team

FIFA world cup 2014 is all set for a grand kick off this Thursday at Brazil where the host team Brazil will start the first match of the tournament with Croatia. Football world cup, considered the biggest event in the World after the Olympics (ofcourse) will have series of group level matches starting from June 12 to July 13,2014 where ... Read More »

Algerian plane crash toll: 1 survivor, 102 dead


An Algerian military transport slammed into a mountain Tuesday in the country’s rugged eastern region. A civil defense official said 102 people on board were killed but one person managed to survive.  The U.S.-built C-130 Hercules transport crashed about noon near the town of Ain Kercha, 50 kilometers (30 miles) southeast of Constantine, the main city in eastern Algeria. Commander ... Read More »

Nelson Mandela Funeral to be Held on Dec. 15th


While the world is mourning the death of Nelson Mandela who was the face of the African anti-apartheid movement, South Africa government has planned the final farewell for their great leader. The funeral for Nelson Mandela has been planned to be held on Dec. 15th. The South African President Jacob Zuma has announced the time and the place of the ... Read More »

Nelson Mandela Dies at 95


Nelson Mandela the global icon and the leader of anti-apartheid movement in South Africa has died. He was 95. The former South African President Nelson Mandela breathed his last and died at the age of 95 from complications from a recurring lung infection. South African President Jacob Zuma announced Mandel’s passing, which marks the final chapter in a revolutionary life ... Read More »

Zimbabwe Government is Almost Bankrupt, has just $217 Left!

The Zimbabwe Government is broke. It has just $217 left in it’s bank account after it has paid last week’s salaries. Zimbabwe actually has the world’s largest reserves of plutonium and diamonds. But looks like that is not making the government any richer. The country’s finance minister admitted as much in a press conference on Tuesday. “Last week when we ... Read More »

Iran a victim of West conspiracy!

As you might be aware of the recent developments in Middle East (led by Iran with some help from China and Russia) Vs West (Israel, US, UK, France, Europe, Arab), One might wonder , “whats going on! why this hype”. I decided to stay away from such post but the unjustified provocation from Israel and its allies towards Iran made ... Read More »