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FIFA World Cup 2014 match schedule

FIFA FootBall World Cup 2014 Group Stages Team

FIFA world cup 2014 is all set for a grand kick off this Thursday at Brazil where the host team Brazil will start the first match of the tournament with Croatia. Football world cup, considered the biggest event in the World after the Olympics (ofcourse) will have series of group level matches starting from June 12 to July 13,2014 where ... Read More »

Brazil to Get Secure Email to Prevent US Spying

Brazil is concerned about US snooping around it’s email communication, to counter the unethical US spying Brazil has announced a secure email that will help them protect their official communication. Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff announced Sunday that her government was creating a secure email system to try and shield official communications from spying by the United States and other countries. ... Read More »

1 Million People March in Protest Across Brazil

Brazil witnessed it’s biggest protest as an estimated one million people took to the the streets on Thursday. So why are people protesting in Brazil and why like everyone? Anti-government movement has been on the raise as people continue to be unsatisfied by the government measures in spite of the recent reversal of transport fare hikes that initially sparked the ... Read More »

Hugo Chavez, Venezuelan President Dies!

The President of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez has died. He was 58. Hugo Chavez was battling cancer for the past two years. During his final hours, conspiracy that US plotted his death lead to 2 US officials being expelled from the country. Vice-President Nicolas Maduro’s voice broke and tears ran down his face as he appeared on national television to announce ... Read More »

World’s Oldest Person, Besse Cooper, Turns 116

It’s difficult enough to fit 16 candles on a birthday cake, but trying squeezing 116 on one. But Besse Cooper, the world’s oldest person according to the Guinness World Records, chose to use numbers instead of actual candles when she celebrated her 116 th birthday Sunday. Guinness claims Cooper is one of only eight people who have reached 116. In ... Read More »

Cinco de Mayo: A Celebration of Mexican Heritage

Contrary to what many believe, Cinco de Mayo (May 5th) is not a celebration of Mexican independence. In fact, it’s a commemoration of the Battle of the Puebla, where Mexican forces soundly defeated a much larger French battalion in 1861. Today, the holiday has evolved in the U.S. and has become a celebration of Mexican heritage. It has grown in ... Read More »