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U.S. Unemployment Rate at 5-Year Low


The unemployment rate has reached a five year low which means there has been an impressively good improvement in the U.S. job market. U.S. released the data for unemployment and it really did surprise us. The solid job growth in November has the brought down the U.S unemployment rate to just 7 percent. This could also mean more hiring and ... Read More »

Martin Bashir Quits Over Sarah Palin Remarks!


The top newsman, Martin Bashir who is know for his TV interviews with Michael Jackson and Princess Diana was forced to step down from his job as an anchorman for U.S. political news network MSNBC after he made offensive comments about Sarah Palin. Martin Bashir did get himself into trouble and had already already acknowledged when he made the rudest ... Read More »

Only 1% of Snowden Files Published??


Guardian Editor has revealed that they have published only 1 per cent of files that Snowden has leaked. Alan Rusbridger the editor of Guardian has said that they had ‘very selective judgements’ made about what has to be published in the Snowden leaks. Which accounts to just 1% of what they had received. If 1% could cause so much trouble ... Read More »

Train Derails in New York, 4 Killed!


A passenger train has derailed in north of New York City injuring 63 passengers and killing 4 people. Authorities have confirmed the death toll. The Fire Department of New York (FDNY) have said that they have deployed 135 firefighters who are working tirelessly on the scene of the derailment to help rescue the injured. The train derailment happened close to ... Read More »

U.S Asks North Korea to Release War Veteran


The United States has called on North Korea asking them to release an elderly U.S. military veteran who they have held in custody since last month. They accuse the U.S veteran of killing civilians during the Korean War 60 years ago. The U.S. is quite concerned about the claims of North Korea and trying to work out a way to ... Read More »

Amazon Cyber Monday Deals 2013


On December 1st at midnight, Cyber Monday begins — and Amazon is of course offering plenty of reasons to go shopping online. According to the company, new deals will kick off as often as every ten minutes, and the promotion will last all week, so you’ll want to check the site regularly over the coming days. Luckily, Amazon has provided ... Read More »