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David Arquette to raise money for homeless

david_arquettePretty interesting work from David Arquette to be Seen on July 14th and July 15th. Any guesses? Well the former 1 time WCW champion wants to perform an remembral event by contributing in raising money for the poor. The method that he is adopting to raise the money is the one that is speakable.

David Arquette to live in a box for about 8 hours above the Madison square garden . David who recently joined hands with Feeding America fears that many people and his fans are homeless and in hunger. He is willing to do something for them and so he came up with this plan of living in a glass box for 8 hours.

He adds that, I expect my fans to give donation for this noble cause and is expecting to collect at-least $250,000.

To add about David, He is an American Actor and has also been an Director, Producer and screenwriter.

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