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Dumbledore Vs Gandalf the white

dumbledore vs gandalf the whiteThe series of arguments is always on when it comes to dumbledore Vs Gandalf the white.

Dumbledore, the greatest wizard that is well respected in harry potter world can do anything with the flick of his wand. Whereas Gandalf the white, from Lord of the Rings rocker also uses the  staff to do magic  and works hard onto defeating the evil dark lord Sauron

Well, few think that  Gandalf  the white is best when it comes to comparing him with Dumbledore. I disagree with that.  Gandalf  the white  just fights with the Dark lord Sauron who has no physical form with only The Great Eye. All Sauron can do is control the minds.

But in wizard world, Voldemort gains physical form and he not only control the mind of the people but also sets himself out to destroy the muggle and his enemies who doesnt follow him. In this case, dumbledore handles him perfectly by safe guarding the Chosen one “Harry potter” and also protecting  the students by personally putting Powerful charms and magic in the boundaries of the  Hogwarts school of witchcraft and Wizardary.Dumbledore make sure that the school is always guarded by well trained Aurors.

Before putting this post i  searched for viewers replies in Yahoo Answers and i found the following :

The best answer chosen by the voters for Dumbledore Vs Gandalf the white in yahoo answers is

“Thinking in terms of a battle between the two, I think Dumbledore would win in a fight against Gandalf the Grey, but Gandalf the White would be far too strong. After having accomplished merely the feat of becoming ‘Whoever the White’, you would be very hard to stop by anyone at all, even Dumbledore.

Plus, Gandalf’s a really tall guy, so that would impress anyone…”

The other answers for the question is

Answer 1 given by  Marekatt:

Never heard of Gandolf. Dumbledore would lose anyway tho’. He’s nothing against one of the mighty sages.

Indeed, as the guy down there said: Dumbledore dies and doesn’t come back (coming back in a dream doesn’t count), while Gandalf only rises from the ashes stronger. Besides, Dumbledore gets killed by some lousy EMO, while it takes a Balrog to take down Gandalf (and the balrog died).

You could argue that Dumbledore LET Snake kill him, which is true, but then he got killed by some dirty water, that’s even worse.

Furthermore, the only powerfull thing Dumbledore ever does is the firestuff to keep the zombiethingies at bay, and Gandalf is kind of the master of fire.

Answer 2 given by  holy macaroni:

This is honestly one of the hardest questions i have ever wanted to answer (i am a big Lord of the Rings fan and a HUGE Harry Potter fan, and michal gambon is just awesome in general) but i honestly thing that Dumbledore would win because throughout the HP series Dumbledore can do sooo many things that could send Gandolf flying out a window. i know lord of the rings is a classic, but Harry Potter is just… better.

Answer 3 given by Love ya MJ x Long Live the King :

I reckon Dumbledore could win, he is an awesome wizard and think of all the spells in the Harry Potter universe that he could use. Plus, he’s awesomeness could destroy him easily

Its a tough question :@ xx

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Yahoo Answers for  Dumbledore Vs Gandalf the White

The answers taken from Yahoo answers  is just to  refer the outcome result. The authors does not claim the ownership  for the answers. The credit  will always remain with Yahoo.

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