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Fans Pay Tribute to MJ in London where he was to Perform

Michael Jackson This Is It

Michael Jackson This Is It

For many of the fans it would been a heart-break when the news that Michael Jackson died reached them. Especially those who paid hundreds of pounds to buy his Concert “This is it” tickets. Yep, today was the day Michael Jackson planned to ROCK the world once again on his come back tour. Many fans today gathered ourside London’s O2 Arena today to pay their tribute to the King of pop on the day he was to start his 50 concerts on this Arena.

Michael Jackson died on June 25th, just 20 days back. Most of his fans like myself were eagrly waiting to see him on the stage again. Too bad God planned otherwise. But we can’t blame God.

Michael Jackson who was always broke records made a record breaking sale of all the concert tickets within 3-hours from when it was announced. The tickets were priced in the range of £50 to £75. The tickets sold at 11 per second. YES 11 tickets were sold PER SECOND! 657 per minute and nearly 40,000 an hour. Really crazy numbers here but thats whats its always been with the King of Pop.

As many as 750,000 tickets were sold. And things didn’t stop here. People starting going to sites like ebay to get their tickets at higher prices.

Almost 700,000 of this tickets were traded online and offline for higher rates. The rates varied from £170 to £10,000. Yes, people were ready to pay 10,000 pounds to get into that concert!

“This was going to be the best summer of my life,” said fan Michael. “I was going to go to five shows altogether, it would have been fantastic. I can’t believe rather than coming here to see him perform I’m here to mourn … It’s devastating, it really is.”

Some fans sat quietly beneath a large screen with a picture of Jackson and the words “Michael Jackson 1958-2009″ reflecting on what might have been.

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