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Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince New trailer

The new trailer of Harry potter and the half blood prince has been released.The film which is much awaited throughout the world is due to release on July. Its one of the most anticipated movies of the year.The Movie was already changed date from the release of Nov 2008 to July 2009.The change of release is to attract audience in Summer and to record a Success Film of the summer.Well if its potter, then it is due to success.

The Upcoming movie of Harry potter is sure to create a Huge buzz and success in the Entertainment field throughout the world.

This Movie brings precious treat to audience where the feel of Magic is maintained with Love added to its feature. Ron weasley and Hermione Granger started to love each other and dont know how to express which results in the clash between them and a treatful to Eyes fights.In the other side Harry cannot control his feelings towards Ginnie weasley but he also fear the losing of friendship with Ron.
As the story continues,Dumbledore takes responsibilty of Teaching Harry on a new subject that is unaware by any of the witch and wizards of Hogwards.Dumbledore shows Harry his collection of Memories that he feels would give knowledge about Tom morvolo riddle who has been renamed as Lord voldemort.

I am,as a potter fan is eagerly waiting for July to see Harry Potter in Action again.

To View the trailer Visit the link below

Harry potter and the Half blood prince

If you have real player then you can download it at the side using the download option.

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