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Deathly Hallows Japanese Trailer

Guys Exciting isnt it. Yeah, i am excited after what they showed in Japan Harry Potter Marathon.Harry potter and the deadly hollows new trailer was released.

Here’s the information on the trailer from

About an hour ago, I was at the cinema in Tokyo for a Harry Potter marathon. Goblet of Fire finished and they showed a BRAND NEW trailer!!! It lasted for about 2 minutes 30 again. It was in English, just had Japanese subtitles down the bottom. The only reason i went was for the footage, so I came back here after it.

The Trailer started with Voldemort and his death eaters were sitting at a large table at Malfoy mannor. Voldemort says his famous line of “I must be the one to kill Harry Potter”. Yaxely then says ‘They’re moving him tonight’. WB logo then flew on & off the screen. Next shot was the 7 Potters taking off but mainly focused on the real Harry and Hagrid. Hedwig was flying beside them when suddenly Voldemort appears out of no-where. Bit of a wand fight then that scene ended. We were then at the burrow (Yes!, it is in the movie!) with Everyone looking upset with a voice-over of Voldemort saying “I will kill every last men, women and child that keeps me from Harry Potter”.

“Dumbledore left us a mission. We have to go” Hermione said looking at Harry and Ron. there was some really fast shots of Running through the streets of London, Hermione being tortured, Nagini attacking Snape, Hermione on a broom, Neville swinging the sword. Then it showed the “Why do you live? because I have somthing worth living for” scene. Then there was Voldemort opening the white tomb and showed him taking the wand out of Dumbledore’s hand. (Over that there was a voiceover of Olivander talking about the Elder want and how powerful it is).

There were more quick flashes of the battle, Lupin and Tonks fighting, Castle wall blowing up, A Harry falling off a broom, Giants attacking, McGonagall throwing a spell at snape, a pissed Voldemort at Malfoy manor.

“I have been listening to that Radio for months just to hear if my family is alright” Ron yeld, “What? you think I havent, I know how it feels!’ “No, you do not know how it feels!, Your parents are dead! you have no family!” Ron and Harry then lunged at each other.

More quick shots of Harry falling into the Lake screaming for help, Caf’e attack, Hagrid carrying Harrys body crying.

Dobby saying as he pointed at Bellatrix “You will not harm Harry Potter” (Like he did in COS), Bella threw the knife.

Harry sitting on a wall, said that he has to die, then got up, next shot was Voldemort screaming “AVADA KADAVRA!” and the Logo appeared. There was then a large cheer from the audience!

There is a huge possibility that it will be put up soon, as I saw about 20 people in my cinema recording it (although there were workers going around kicking people out.

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