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Electric Cars are ‘gay’ ?!?

So thinks the character of Vince Vaughn in the upcoming moving ‘The Dilemma’. The trailer was just released a few hours back is already having its fair share of controversy.

If you still haven’t watched the trailer of ‘The Dilemma’ is available here : The Dilemma 2011 trailer

The trailer starts with Vince Vaughn’s character Ronny Valentine addressing a board meeting telling them “Ladies and Gentleman, Electric cars are gay.”

This statement is enough to fire up a controversy. Thats what it is doing.

To me there seems to be nothing wrong with it. Its supposed to be a comedy movie and so they have to say stupid things to make a joke and thats exactly what Vince Vaughn did.

But there is more, it does seems to promote Dodge’s muscle cars, a notion reinforced by seeing the Vaughn character driving a vintage purple Dodge Challenger in the trailer.

Now that is something thats picking a lot of heat!

The Dilemma 2010

Ron Howard Thinks Electric cars are gay?

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