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Christine McVie Returns To Fleetwood Mac

Christine McVie Returns To Fleetwood Mac

Christine McVie has returned and rejoined Fleetwood Mac. Christine’s return to Fleetwood has been confirmed by her publicist.

Christine McVie’s publicist Rosenberg revealed this in an interview to Billboard magazine.

McVie left the Fleetwood Mac in 1998.

Rosenberg said McVie “has indeed re-joined Fleetwood Mac and we are hoping to make an announcement about a possible tour for the full tilt Macsters some time in 2014″.

McVie had expressed an interest in rejoining the band after performing with them in London last year.

“I like being with the band, the whole idea of playing music with them,” the British singer-songwriter told The Guardian in November. “I miss them all.”

McVie played with Fleetwood Mac for 28 years, and wrote some of their most famous songs, including Don’t Stop, Say You Love Me, Songbird, Little Lies and Everywhere.

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