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Emma Watson on Kristen Stewart Cheating: ‘Everyone Makes Mistakes’

Emma Watson defends Kristen Stewart on cheatingEmma Watson jumped in to support and defend Kristen Stewart on the cheating scandal.

Kristen Stewart cheated on her boyfriend Robert Pattinson with married director Rupert Sanders. While the public hated Kristen Stewart for tearing apart a marriage, Emma Watson defended her actions.

Emma Watson came to the rescue of Kristen Stewart in a recent interview with Vanity Fair Italy.

“Those who criticized her are the same people that think that being rich and famous is like being covered in some kind of magic powder that makes life perfect: Nothing can go wrong in your wonderful world,” Watson told the magazine, according to E! News. “For these people, Kristen deserves all the bad things that have been thrown at her because she had an amazing life and she ruined it.”

“I thought that the media picked on her in a very horrible way. Kristen is human, just like everybody else, and she’s so young,” defended Watson, who is the same age as 22-year-old Stewart. “Everyone makes mistakes, everyone. It’s not fair to consider them matters of public interest.”

Emma Watson also talked about difficulties of dating in public life.

“I would just go crazy if I didn’t have a reality, if I didn’t have a life outside of the roles I play,” she told Glamour. “The entertainment industry is pretty nuts, and having had that experience outside of it and going to university has really made a big difference. It’s important to me to feel like I have my own life.”

Back in November, Watson, Stewart and fellow franchise-starlet Jennifer Lawrence took some time to bond. “I think people assume that actresses don’t want to [be friends],” the “Twilight” actress told MTV News. “It was kind of a great feeling, to be honest. I was like, ‘This is kind of just awesome.'”

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