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Emma Watson wants to be more than an Actress

Emma Watson wants to be more than an Actress

Emma Watson the star of the Harry Potter series has reveled that she wants to more than an actress.

Emma Watson is known to give more important to her education but what she reveled does say that she has a wide spectrum of interests.

She is about to complete her degree in English Literature and she wants to utilize her free time to get into some different kind of hobbies.

“When I finish my degree, I will have a lot more time to pursue other passions, and I want to figure out what those will be,” contactmusic. com quoted her as saying.

“I love having something completely unrelated to the film industry. I want to find something that will let me use my brain in another way.

“I like connecting people who aren’t part of that industry. I love painting. So maybe I hone in on that and do more art classes? Or maybe something different. I’m a board two certified qualified yoga instructor,” she added.

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