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Jim Carrey Joins Kick-Ass 2 Team!

Jim Carrey joins the cast of Kick-Ass 2Jim Carrey has agreed to play the role of Colonel Stars in the upcoming sequel of Kick-Ass, Kick-Ass 2.

Jim Carrey has officially signed the agreement!

Now comes the question, will Jim Carrey fit the role? Well, lets have a look at the character that he is going to play. Here is some info about Colonel Stars:

Colonel Stars used to work for John Genovese alongside the man who would become Lieutenant Stripes. Both men became born-again Christians before leaving Genovese’s employment. Because of this, both survived when Kick-Ass and Hit-Girl took the organization down.

Colonel Stars and Lieutenant Stripes both formedJustice Forever, inviting other superheroes to join. They soon recruited Remembering Tommy, Night Bitch, Insect Man, Battle Guy and later Kick-Ass. Their first mission involved taking down a human trafficking organization.

Colonel Stars shows contradictory elements in appearing to be a hardened tough guy when in reality sometimes appearing to be quite soft. He seems to be a genuine nice person making a difference. He later admits that although he has no problems letting his dog, Sofia, eat a criminal’s genitals, the guns he carries are empty and are there purely for intimidation purposes.

Hmm, a kinda like a dual personality. Jim Carrey will just slide all over the character!

But let us wait for the movie before we jump into conclusions.

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