Friday , 29 September 2023
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Justin Bieber Dress For Meeting Prime Minister – Totally Awkward!

For sometime we have been trying to prove that Justin Bieber has lost his marbles and he kinda seems really interested in proving us right.

Justin Biber, who hails from Canada received a very special honor from the Prime Minister of Canada, Stephen Harper. Justin Bieber’s doesn’t really know how to dress-up when meeting heads of state.

Checkout the photo here below:

Prime Minister of Canada Stephen Harper presents Justin Bieber with Diamond Jubliee Medal.

Yes, that is exactly what Justin Bieber did this time.

Really, all Justin Bieber could get was t-shirt, a backwards baseball cap and an overalls, that too partly undone??

The Prime Minister himself simply tweeted the photo and wrote, ”Was happy to present @justinbieber with a Diamond Jubilee Medal today. #beliebers.”

So, whats running in Justin’s head? He tweeted, “Overauhls, lol,”.

Did Justin Bieber disgrace\embarass the Prime Minister of Canada? Tell Us.

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