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Lea Michele’s “Cannonball” Preview – LISTEN!

Lea Michele has shared a preview of her new tune, “Cannonball”.

This release comes just in time for the holiday season and it seems like a perfect time for Lea Michele to give her fans a little something to be exited about.

On Monday (December 9), the “Glee” actress took to her Twitter page to share a preview of her new tune, “Cannonball,” tweeting, “you can check out a sneak peek of my single #Cannonball now on http://www.leamichelemusic.com !!!!! #Cannonball.”

Aside from the excitement of the new music, Miss Michele also released the cover artwork for her album titled, Louder. The brunette beauty announced the news, writing, “Here it is! Check out the cover of my album #LOUDER! Thanks to all of you for tweeting & unlocking it!!”

Although Lea was excited to show off her new work, her fans were the reason behind today’s reveal as they had all tweeted the hashtag “#LeaMicheleLouder” over 10,000 times to unlock the goods.

Check out the LOUDER album cover art below:


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