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Miley Cyrus Turns 20, Gets Pig from PETA

Miley Cyrus celebrated her 20th Birthday over the weekend. She has posted a picture of herself on twitter.

Miley Cyrus got a surprise for birthday! PETA presented her with a PIG!

Cyrus shared a shot of her in a little black dress in front of some birthday balloons in the shape of “20” on Saturday, a day after she began her second decade alive.

“Great night last night. Thanks to everyone who celebrated with me. & yes I did get a big booty hoe 4 my birfday,” she tweeted with the photo.

She also revealed that PETA sponsored a pig named Nora in Cyrus’ name for her birthday, “In recognition of her compassion for animals as well as the kindness she inspires.” Cryus responded, “oh my pigggggyyyyy! She is so cute I can hardly stand ittttttt!!!!”

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