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Rachel McAdams Gets Red Hair!

Rachel McAdams has dyed her hair red. Well, whats happening in Hollywood? Why are all the stars going redhead?rachel mcadams dyes hair redRachel McAdams is the latest star (after Dianna Agron and Ariel Winter) to be spotted with an electric shade of red hair.

McAdams has actually had the hue since shortly after parting ways with love Michael Sheen in February. So while the other two were just feeling experimental, McAdams may be sporting one of the key signs of a breakover: a bold new look.

Then again, McAdams is no stranger to hair color shakeups: she’s been platinum blonde, chocolate brown and everything in between (even pink!) throughout her career. One thing’s for sure, regardless of the reason: The star seems to be having a lot of fun as a redhead, so we don’t imagine she’ll go back to blonde anytime soon.

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