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Rick Springfield Arrested After Appearance on ‘Ellen’

rick springfield arrestedRick Springfield was arrested over DUI chargers, after he failed to turn-up at court. He was arrested after his performance of “Jessie’s Girl” on Ellen show.

“My home away from home. Lost hills sheriff station. Arrested this am on a bench warrant,” he wrote in a subsequent Facebook posting that included a photo of the sheriff’s booking station just outside Malibu, Calif.

“I didn’t know that I was supposed appear in court a few weeks ago. It was to do with the old DUI charge and it’s been cleared up and i am free to go,” he explained to his faithful fans.

“Thought I might miss the gig tonite but I will be there and we will celebrate together,” he wrote. “Life is not boring. XOXO”

The shaggy-haired singer was arrested in May 2011 after cops spotted his 1963 Corvette speeding down the Pacific Coast Highway.

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