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What on earth has Miley Cyrus done to her eyebrows??

What on earth has Miley Cyrus done to her eyebrows??

Miley Cyrus can’t just keep herself out of gossips, each time doing crazier things. This time she has bleached her eyebrows and posted pictures of herself on Instagram.

We think bleached does not really describe her new look, she actually looks like she doesn’t have ANY EYEBROWS now! Yes, a face without eyebrows, that really creeps the crap out of us.

This is a seriously daring look! Miley actually resembles Lady Gaga! In the first photo she put on Instagram, she’s posing with model Miranda Kerr, simply tagging her in the picture with no other caption.

In the next photo, she posed with fashion photographer Mert Alas and wrote, “‘Lets burn in hell’ @mertalas.”

In the photo with Mert, her hair appears blue, but it’s probably just weird lighting and an Instagram filter.

Miley also has her tongue stuck out in every pic, eww…

Check-out the photos below:

Miley_cyrus_eyebrows Miley_Mert_Eyebrows Miley_Miranda_Eyebrow

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