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LFO singer dies after long battle with leukemia

Rich Cronin, aged 36, has died.  His death has came as a surprise for his fans.

Rich Cronin who was a long patient of the leukemia disease fought real hard with surgeries . One of the surgeries that doctor conducted on him ,left him with severe pain on the leg. He also suffered a stroke during the operation.

After the surgery, the life for Rich Cronin became a battle ground. According to his band members,we gave Cronin the large back bedroom of the tour bus so he could rest up for the shows.

“We had the best time ever,” Fischetti said. “He never thought he’d be on stage again.”

He said Cronin told him recently he was having some trouble walking.

When Fischetti sent Cronin a text message last week to wish him a happy birthday, he did not get a reply — which he said was uncharacteristic. Later, he found out that Cronin has died.

Rich Cronin will also be remembered as the one along with his 2 friends Fischetti and Devin Lima the sensation of 90’s.

May you rest in peace.

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