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Naomi Watts as Princess Diana in Movie Diana!

The trailer of the movie starring Naomi Watts as the Princess of Wales, Diana has been released online.

The film – which had previously been known as Caught In Flight – follows “the people’s princess” during the final two years of her life. Diana died in 1997 in a Paris car crash and her death touched the nation.

Watch Diana Trailer Below

The trailer recreates a number of well known images of the princess – on red carpets, making charity appearances and campaigning against landmines.

Oscar-nominated actress Naomi is shot from the side or behind, looking strikingly like the late princess. The final image is a close up of her eyes in a recreation of a famous portrait shot that bears an uncanny resemblance to Diana.Naomi Watts DianaAmid the montage of images, the trailer proclaims in writing: “An Icon… Adored by millions… The most famous woman in the world… who became the People’s Princess… The legend is never the whole story.”

The end of the trailer shows the princess running from the paparazzi, holding bags over her face as photographers crowd around her on the pavement, reading tabloid headlines about herself and recreates intimate shots of her on a yacht, with a long-lens photographer watching her.

The film, from acclaimed German Downfall director Oliver Hirschbiegel and produced by Ecosse Films, explores Diana’s relationship with heart surgeon Dr Hasnat Khan (Naveen Andrews) and her tragic death.

Naomi Watts previously confessed the attention surrounding the shooting of the film last summer had been “scary”.

“We knew that there would be: I mean, Princess Diana is probably the most famous woman of our time,” she said.

“That level of interest started right from when we began shooting in Croatia, and at first we released a picture in order to see if that would keep the paparazzi at bay, but not so much! It’s a little bit scary.”

Watch the interview of Naomi Watts on playing Princess Diana below:

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