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Johnny Depp To Play Michael Jackson in Upcoming movie?

johnnypublic1Latest Unconfirmed news is that Johnny Depp is about to play MJ in his upcoming movie. When asked to Johnny Depp about the issue,he quoted its an obtuse rumour of which i wont stand a chance.

Jeez, this is just disguisting in the first place. Just spreading rumors on issues that are not even true. This rumor about Johnny Depp playing MJ is almost in every websites claiming that he will do the starrer for the movie.

When asked about Michael death, Johnny gave an emotional interview saying,” Some  have lost a father,some miss him as a brother, some adore him as their child and its very very sad that he is dead. His work and commitment has been a real genius throughout his life. Its very sad and we will miss him”.

The star latest movie is ‘Public Enemies’ which is released on July 1

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