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LaToya Jackson was paid for saying MJ was Murdered

Michael Jackson and Latoya Jackson

Michael Jackson and Latoya Jackson

Previously I made a post regarding the interview of LaToya Jackson, Michael Jackson’s sister. In that interview LaToya Jackson claims that her brother was ‘Murdered’ by some unnamed persons close to him. LaToya Jackson made this interview to a British tabliod, Now, I find it really interesting to find all bad stories about Michael Jackson leads me to DailyMail. I don’t know whats wrong with them, they are either just cunning or hate Michael Jackson.

Looks like CNN went around snooping after the interview was published in the internet. CNN has now confirmed that LaToya Jackson was paid for that interview and especially for saying that Michael Jackson was ‘Murdered’. How low can a sister go ?

CNN has confirmed this by 2 sources. One of the family members who was not named and another from a very reliable and close to the Jacksons family, who is also unnamed.

Well, I don’t know who is at fault here. The interview is also ‘shady’ and so is the proof given by CNN.

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