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Lindsay Lohan Does Rehab in Style!

We all know that Lindsay Lohan is back in rehab. Again. This time though Lindsay Lohan wants to do rehab in Style! She has checked into the famous Betty Ford Center.

Lindsay Lohan does rehab again.

Lindsay Lohan does rehab again.

Lohan will reportedly stay at the treatment center in Rancho Mirage while awaiting her October 22 court hearing where she’ll learn her fate for violating conditions of her probation. Lindsay Lohan failed the parameters of her probation when she tested positive for one drug test and another was thrown out on technicalities.

A legal eagle close to Lohan told People that her latest stint in rehab could sway the sentence Judge Fox ultimately hands down “out of recognition that she really needs the help from professionals and great medical care to help rebuild her life.”

Lindsay Lohan isn’t the first celebrity name to walk the halls of the Betty Ford Center. The center was founded by former First Lady Betty Ford and Leonard Firestone in 1982, and boasts a famous client list including Keith Urban and Steven Tyler.

Lindsay Lohan’s father isn’t a fan of the Betty Ford Center and Michael Lohan wasted no time saying so to Access Hollywood.

“Now that word is out. Look at the ‘short’ list of people who went to Betty Ford. Most if not all relapsed. I went there myself and I will tell you. Betty Ford is a country club,” Michael Lohan told Access Hollywood.

“They administer prescription meds, and even put their patients on prescription meds. Once more, they don’t have family therapy at all. Conflict resolution and family therapy are a key component in recovery! Her turmoil and the root of her problems are her family. This will not work! Mark my words! It is however, comforting to know Lindsay is in a safe place and away from her enablers. Unfortunately, if BF gives her any prescription drugs, they become another enabler. Back to square one!”

Whatever be the rehab until Lindsay Lohan gets aware of her drug addictions and wants to stop it nothing is going to work. Everything will just be another failed attempt and she will continue to jump between rehabs and jails.

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