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Michael Jackson Tribute Tour

Want to visit all the places that played important part in Michael Jackson’s Life?? Well, guess what, a company has arranged a MJ Tribute tour just for you.

DEVOTED fans of the late pop superstar Michael Jackson are expected to descend on Bahrain as part of an international tour to honour the first anniversary of his death.International travel firm STA Travel has launched the 126-day, round-the-world trip for diehard Jackson fans and travel enthusiasts.

The tour consists of 10 legs and takes in some of the most influential locations and countries in Jackson’s life.

Michael Jackson Tribute Tour

Michael Jackson Tribute Tour

The one-night stay in Bahrain will include sight-seeing and cultural tours of the island.

Kicking off with two nights in London, The King of Pop tour moves on to mainland Europe for 36 days before landing in Bahrain.

After the brief stopover in the Middle East, the tour takes in 20 days in South Africa, two nights in Brunei, two nights in Tokyo, two nights in Sydney, two weeks in California and 45 days in South America, before finishing with a night’s stay in New York.

Jackson moved to Bahrain in June 2005 and made the country his legal home before leaving in May 2006 to go to Europe and Japan.

STA Travel Group managing director John Constable said fans would be able to experience the life led by the pop star.

“Michael Jackson is recognised as one of the most successful and influential entertainers of all time,” he said.

“His music and philanthropic actions took him around the world and we want to celebrate this by offering our customers the opportunity to follow in his footsteps.”

The entire trip costs £12,000 (BD6,852) and takes four months to complete, but fans will have the option to take on one or some of the legs separately.

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