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Michael Jackson’s Family Members Viewed Open Casket

Michael Jackson's body

Michael Jackson's body

I previously decided not to post anything about Michael Jackson after news about Michael Jackson’s Ghost came out. The reason I took this decision was because its about time we let him rest in peace. Its been more than 15 days since his death and still the media is cashing out from the news of his death. This is the reason I didn’t post anything about MJ’s Memorial service. I wanted to give it all a rest. But yes, something kept buzzing me in my head regarding why Michael Jackson’s body was not shown in his memorial service and I am sure almost all of you have the same question. Now our questions are partailly answered regarding how MJ’s body looked.

But it looks like the family members of Michael Jackson viewed the open casket the night before the MJ’s Memorial Service. The close family members viewed MJ’s body when they were gathered at Forest Lawn in the Hollywood Hills.

David Fossett, one of Michael Jackson’s cousin who is currently 50(same age as MJ), grew up with Michael and still lives in Jackson’s hometown of Gary, said,”He looked like himself. He looked like he just was laying there sleeping, he looked peaceful.”

Fossett also said,”Relatives gathered around the casket, talked to each other and cried.” But Michael Jackson’s parents Katherine Jackson and Joe Jackson were both not present there.

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