Tuesday , 7 December 2021
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Mike Starr found dead!

The legendary Mike Starr famous for Alice in Chains bassist was found dead in Utah.

Mike Starr, aged 44, was a well known rock band player. Mysteriously he left the band in 1992 and never appeared again for it. Even at the death of his fellow band singer Layne Staley, on 2002, he did not reappeared!

When he reappeared in 2010 reality show Celebrity Rehab, a VH1 reality show, it indicated that he was addicted to drug and he couldn’t leave it.

TMZ who was the first to broke Mike Starr’s death, added, “Mike Starr was arrested just last month for felony possession of a controlled substance. He was found with six Xanax and six painkiller pills at the time of his arrest.”

His death is definitely a shocker for his fans.Also, Starr’s father expressed he is shock by this tragedy.

We, pray for you and your family in this difficulty time. Let Mike Starr soul rest in peace.

Img courtesy: last.fm

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  • Jorge Delou

    That’s not Mike Starr at the photo. That’s Jerry Cantrell.

  • http://Thfire.com Christina Poisson

    Come on people!1 I know this story is a little over a year old but still…wrong is wrong! This is not a photo of Mike Starr!! You’re writing & reporting on a mans death here, get your facts straight for the love of God! If you can’t do something as simple as matching a photo to a story …well, dude that’s pretty pathetic and you need to find employment else where!! ~Rock In Peace Mike Starr~