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Paris Hilton Denied Entry Into Japan

Paris Hilton has been denied entry into Japan because of her Las Vegas Drug conviction. Officials in Japan refused her entry because their immigration laws does not accept Drug Convicts.

Paris Hilton’s music career has stalled out at this point, but the socialite can now claim to be in the same class as such pop icons as Paul McCartney and the Rolling Stones after Japanese officials denied her entry into the country on Wednesday (September 22).

Hilton flew to Japan  following her guilty plea on Monday in Las Vegas to misdemeanor drug possession charges, but the hotel heiress got only as far as the airport in Narita, where officials held her for six hours of questioning before telling the 29-year-old that she was not allowed to enter the country.

Paris Hilton not welcome in Japan

Looks like Japan does not like drug convicts

According to The Associated Press, Hilton was forced to cancel her Asia press tour in support of her clothing line and return home on Wednesday because Japanese officials decided that her recent drug conviction violated strict Japanese immigration laws that deny entry to some visitors convicted of drug offenses.

“I’m going back home, and I look forward to coming back to Japan in the future,” Hilton, smiling, told reporters before boarding her private jet for the flight back home. The turn-about meant Hilton would not be able to appear at a Wednesday news conference in Tokyo to promote her fashion and fragrance lines. She also canceled appearances in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Jakarta, Indonesia, which were planned before her August 27 arrest in Las Vegas.

After spending more than six hours over two days being grilled by immigration officials at the airport hotel, a weary Hilton said she would give it a try some other time. “I’m really tired,” she said.

Her spokesperson said in a statement that, “Paris is very disappointed and fought hard to keep her business commitments and see her fans, but she is forced to postpone her commitments in Asia. … Paris understands and respects the rules and laws of the immigration authorities in Japan and fully wishes to cooperate with them.”

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  • http://www.stashitware.com elmo smidlap

    Does the USA not allow Japanese who are known drug users to enter the US? Thank goodness Paris was reportedly wearing her Stashitwear on this trip. No more embarassing moments for her.