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Prince Michael Malachi Jet Jackson:Another Claiming MJ Dad!

Michael Jackson's serect love child Prince Michael Malachi Jet Jackson

Michael Jackson

Here we go again. Looks like people just can’t leave Michael Jackson alone. Should I post a video crying “Leave Michael Jackson alone!!” ?

So lets see what we have now, looks like now a 24-year-old man has claimed to be Michael Jackson’s love child. Strangely he has already got a Lawyer. And the lawyer says he is not claiming for the money. Doesn’t all this make it obvious that he is indeed after the money ??

That man’s name is already mentioned in the title, here it is once more “Prince Michael Malachi Jet Jackson”.

“Malachi has been told his entire life that he is Michael Jackson’s son. His primary goal is to have closure on whether or not Michael was his father, and he wants a DNA test to prove it. Malachi’s motivation isn’t money,” LaRue Grim said.

Prince Michael Malachi Jet Jackson, who goes by Malachi (helpful to keep him separate from the other Prince Michaels), turns 25 in September, and he is currently enrolled in “a special needs college at an undisclosed location.”

Looks like this will be going on for some years. I meant people claiming to be Michael’s son/daughter. Hey, come to think of it. Nobody has so far claimed to be Michael Daughter. Can someone do it soon ? the suspense is killing me!

Grim says Malachi’s mother, Zerline Lavette Dixon, had trouble with drugs so Malachi’s grandmother raised him. But, you know who his long-lost dad is.

“Malachi looks exactly like Michael Jackson,” Grim added. Ya, and so does all other MJ’s look-alikes.

“I’m seeking a DNA test and I’m very concerned that it be reliable and that no one slips in DNA from a stranger. Malachi never met Michael … from what I understand Michael Jackson was very private about his personal life.”

When asked about the alleged relationship between Zerline and Michael, Grim replied: “I don’t know about that now. I’m gathering that information.”

It is Grim’s understanding that back in the 1980s Zerline was a fashion designer and had a fashion line under the company name of Michael Jackson.

“Michael seemed to be a very smart businessman. I don’t think he would have let anybody run a company with his name on it without his approval.”

Go on, have your little bit of media attention. Hope you enjoy it.

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