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Scary pics of Debbie Rowe

I know the title can be a bit misleading. No, I am not gonna post a ‘Thriller’ like image. Its just a funny pic I saw in Tmz.com. 

Incase you don’t know who Debbie Rowe is, She is the biological mother of Machael Jackson’s first 2 kids.

Here it is:


Debbie Rowe

Debbie Rowe

LOL, Where can we find a loving caring mom wearing such signs? Well, lets not jump into conclusions. The image can be photoshopped. I am not sure about the image in her t-shirt but the sign on the gate doesn’t seems real. But there too, the flower in the foreground seems to be real.

But I don’t know much about photoshop and its ‘magic’, this actually could be fake. 

Well, who cares ? Just have a laugh!

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